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Here you will find lots of information and photographs about the Lions, Tigers and Bear Cubs and all the fun we have learning in school.


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What am I learning when I Play?


Hello, hello, hello…what happening here then?!

What an exciting afternoon we had! Kelly and Matt popped in to our classroom to tell us all about the job that the Police and PCSO’s do in our community, it was so interesting to hear about Police who travel in cars, vans, motorbikes, horses and helicopters, they told us about how they help people who are lost and help catch bad guys. They told us all about the equipment they use everyday. Kelly and Matt talked about our wonderful behaviour and the great questions we asked…lots about petrol and how cars work Miss Allen and Mrs McSween were very proud of the us. They even joined us for snack and said they would pop in again to see us again very soon.

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Colour mixing

Today we explored colour mixing.

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Fun working out with Joe Wicks the body coach

Foundation Stage children had great fun working out with Joe Wicks the body coach this week…lots of energetic working out, it was pretty tough but we enjoyed ourselves lots!

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What’s your favourite story?

Children in Foundation Stage enjoying some new books.

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World Book Day in Foundation Stage…learning about Emergency Services

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Snow day!

It’s amazing how many learning opportunities can come from a snow day!

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Making Pancakes

Measuring, mixing, stirring, baking- our Reception children loved making pancakes to celebrate the start of Lent.

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Making Banana Bread

Our Foundation Stage classrooms smelt wonderful after a morning of baking banana muffins with our lovely boys and girls

Growing Vegetables

Check out the marrows and cucumbers Foundation Stage grew! They are super tasty too!We loved talking about the different colours and sizes today

Tiger and Lion masks

During our first week in school we made Tiger and Lion masks.


Equally different, equally loved

Our lovely new Reception children drew wonderful self portraits. Each one is different, just like we are. Each one is loved, just like we are.


Our Autumn Welly Walk

Today we had a very exciting adventure to Ten Acre Pits for our Autumn welly walk.

On our walk we had to look out for as many signs of Autumn as possible. We spotted things like bare trees, pine cones, fungus, crispy leaves and even a squirrel who was out gathering acorns! We got to take photographs on the iPad of our journey and record what we found on clip boards and wooden boards.

It was very important to take care when crossing the road and we listened carefully to Mrs Feeney’s instructions about following the path so we didn’t get lost. Most of all – we had great fun! We all agreed it was very grown up to go on an adventure out of school and because we were so well behaved Mrs Feeney said we can go on another trip soon!


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1 mile challenge!

This morning was exciting…we ran our first mile! Lots of us had so much enthusiasm and determination- After we worked together to measure the distance using the trundle wheel we realised that a mile is a long way! It’s an impressive 4 times around the yellow path.

It was hard work but the children found this much easier than the staff imagined they would.

Lots of us noticed changes in our bodies and realised that we felt tired and out of breath.

The teachers were so proud of how hard we tried and those of us that finished each received a special sticker-it may still be on my jumper! They were so proud of themselves too and had a great sense of achievement. They are looking forward to getting faster and faster!

As reported recently in the media:

Besides enjoying the health benefits of regular exercise, kids who are physically fit sleep better and are better able to handle physical and emotional challenges — from running to catch a bus to studying for a test.

Running is a great activity to help kids build endurance, which is developed when kids regularly engage in aerobic activity. Running offers kids the sense of freedom and the sense of reward and achievement when they finish.

While everyone can benefit from regular exercise, kids who are active will:

  • have stronger muscles and bones, be less likely to become overweight
  • possibly have lower blood pressure
  • have potentially lower blood cholesterol levels
  • have a leaner body from burned body fat.

Like so many individual sports that rely on self-motivation and hard work to achieve success, running teaches kids self respect, commitment and builds self-esteem, all of which are important values for kids to learn and build on in their lives.

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Staying School Dinners in the Big Hall

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Roald Dahl Day

What a busy day we’ve had celebrating Roald Dahl Day. We found out that Roald is a famous author who would have been 100 years old today!

We heard all about George’s Marvellous Medicine and the stinky grandma he fed it too and Mr Twit’s revolting beard. We had lots of fun creating recipes before we mixed ‘real’ medicines of our own. Some of us made revolting recipes while others made marvellous mixtures. Meanwhile, Mr Twit’s beard took shape using as many disgusting things as we could find! We added grass, mud, sticky gloop, string, leaves and a sprinkle of cereal, just for good measure.

What fun we had talking about our mixtures and the stinky, slimy and sometimes wonderful concoctions we made.

The grown-ups are so proud of how sensible you have all been and can’t wait for tomorrow already.

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The Big School through Little Eyes

Today we got to go on an adventure! We went to see the big school, we walked all around inside and outside of the main school building and we even went in every classroom and met all of the teachers and children. The best part was taking photographs all on our own as we walked around, we took turns to use the iPad, and got excited when we saw what we wanted to take photos of. Take a look at our photos and see if you can guess what we were looking at! (It might be a challenge)

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Our first week in Reception!

Wow, what an exciting and very busy first week we’ve had in Reception.

It’s been so much fun making lots of new friends, painting lion and tiger masks, playing with all of the new toys, exploring the classrooms and making mini tiger and lion charms. We even got to pick the apples, plums and pears from the trees in our school grounds.

We have also spent lots of time finding out about each other and what makes us special, we talked about: the things we like (and the things we don’t!) The things we are good at and the things we want to practise.
We also thought about what we are going to be when we grow up, (The staff can’t wait to meet all of our, ‘vets, teenagers, superheroes, policemen, tooth fairies, bears, dinosaurs, racing car drivers, doctors, clowns and pottery painters!’

It feels so lovely to have all of you as part of our Foundy Gang Family.
We can’t wait for lunchtime next week!
Love from Miss Allen, Mrs Feeney, Mrs McSween, Mrs Blair, Mrs Keiller and Miss Critchley x

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Apple Picking

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Over and Out!

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Today we had some more amazing visitors in school, we got to meet four local superheroes; PC Matt, PC Holly, PC Nicole and PC Stew came to tell us about the important job they do, keeping us safe every day.
At first, we had question time! We found out that the police wear special body armour and strong boots. They have lots of equipment such as police radios and cameras to help them. Some of us even got to try on the body armour-it was very heavy! Zach even talked to Stew on the radio!
PC Matt told us about how every police officer has a special number and they wear it on their shoulders. Bobby even noticed that the police officers had a special badge on their hat and body armour, like we wear on our jumpers.
After we heard all about how the police help us, we had another surprise-something special was waiting in the car park-a real police van!
We pretended we were ‘bad guys’ and the police locked us up in the cells in the back of the van! It was fun but also a bit scary.
The police were very friendly and answered all of our questions, some of us were a little unsure but by the end of the visit we were all friends and we even promised to say, ‘hi’ or give a wave if we see them in our community.

Super Alice

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What an amazing visitor we had in school today! A very special superhero with four legs and a wiggly tail called, ‘Alice’ came to visit us, Alice is a guide dog. Her owner Jean and her friend Mrs Mitchell bought Alice into visit us and tell us all about how important Alice’s job is. We heard all about how Jean can’t see in the same way a us, that she is blind and needs Alice’s help everyday. Jean told us about how Alice helps her to cross the road, get to the shops and even help Jean find the swimming pool.

Alice was very sensible – even though she’s only 2! She was a little it excited and thought that Emilia and Maiya’s legs smelt wonderful! She even had a little bark when saw Mrs Mitchell, it was quite funny. Isla was super excited to se our four legged friend and even asked if we could keep her!

Lots of you had some great questions, like,  Why does Alice sniff everything? Why does she wear a harness? How does she know where the shops are? And lots more! Your behavior was exceptional, even though it was very exciting meeting a real-life superhero!

Well done boys and girls!


A Visit from the Fire Fighters

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What an exciting day we had today, we had a visit from the Fire Fighters and the Fire Engine! We all got to meet the team including, Captain Gary, Una’s dad Tom, Kenleigh and the rest of the amazing team. They were so helpful explaining how the fire engine works, and how important their jobs are in the helping people every day. They told us all about how they have to help each other and work as a team.

We all got to climb on board and explore the fire engine, sitting on the fire fighters chairs. Some of us even got to spray the fire hose and try on the fight fighter’s uniforms and helmets!

We learnt about the different parts of the fire engine including the different hoses, the water tank, the ladders, the buckets and the special scissors!

We found it difficult to contain our excitement but your behavior was outstanding!

A great big thank you to our local superheroes – the fire fighters!


Superhero Day

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Superhero Day! We dressed up as Superheroes for the day.

We spent time creating our own superheroes, we made up our own alternative names and decided on our superhero powers and how we help other people.

We even created out own costumes, made identification cards and thought of our top secret weaknesses! Sshhh!

This is What our children had to say about the day:

“It was the most fun ever”

“I’m a real superhero”

“This is the best day of my life ever”

“I can jump so high”


The Windy Day Aeroplane Race

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We made our own paper aeroplanes, carefully following the instructions and folding the paper, it was hard work at first but we tried our best and made some great aeroplanes!

When we finished we had great fun making them fly outside but then we realised that once we had dropped them we found it tricky to find our own one again so we decorated them and wrote our names on.

Next, we wanted to find out whose aeroplane could fly the furthest, we lined up along the yellow line and all threw our planes at the same time (we counted to make sure…5, 4, 3, 2, 1 blast off!) Then we measured the distance that each of our planes travelled, we used the big rulers to help us, counting how many metres each had travelled.

The Epiphany

In Foundation Stage we celebrated the Epiphany by making and decorating crowns and stars, we also acted out the Kings visit and we even made star biscuits for all of the children in the whole school! It was lots of fun 🙂

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Wishing you a very Merry Christmas With love from All of the children and staff in Foundation Stage xx

Christmas Nativity Play

This year we decided to have a nativity with a difference. The children wanted to tell you the Christmas story in their words and from their point of view-we filmed them over a few days in and around our classroom.

The narration is the story in their own words! They helped to film each other too. They are very excited about showing you the full performance so we thought we’d wet your appetite with a trailer first!  The children really are amazing, and filming this was so much fun.

The full movie will be available to download from our website for free after the performances, a Christmas gift you can keep forever!

Miss Allen

Foundation Stage Manager

Reading Mornings

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Thank you so much to all the families who have attended Family Story Time this half term. It has been wonderful to see the enthusiasm of the children when sharing stories with you. Please continue to join us after half term for more wonderful opportunities.



Our Proud Clouds

Our Proud Clouds

Our Proud Clouds


We are just as different as the pictures that we draw but together we’re a family and God loves us all.

We are just as different as the pictures that we draw but together we're a family and God loves us all.

We are just as different as the pictures that we draw but together we’re a family and God loves us all.







Our Cosy Reading Corners

Our Cosy Reading Corners


Our Cosy Reading Corners

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