Curriculum Y1-Y6

We at St Anne’s Catholic Primary School provide our pupils with a rich, broad and balanced curriculum which fully meets the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum for England and the requirement to teach Religious Education in a Catholic school.  

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;” 

Psalm 32:8 

Our Curriculum Rationale – based on the acronym INSPIRE

Independence, Nurture, Skills, Progress, Individual, Resilience, Encourage


We challenge, stimulate and provide enjoyment for our pupils by:

  • developing INDEPENDENCE and perseverance 
  • always being the best that they can be 
  • NURTURING curiosity and creativity
  • equipping learners for the next stage of their learning in subject knowledge and SKILLS
  • preparing our children for an ever changing technological world
  • filling the curriculum with rich purposeful first-hand experiences
  • using expertise beyond the classroom 
  • by ensuring knowledge and skills PROGRESSION
  • developing INDIVIDUAL– values, attitudes, knowledge, skills and understanding
  • being flexible and responsive to individual needs and interests whilst promoting RESILIENCE
  • ENCOURAGING and embracing children’s knowledge and understanding of the developing world we live in

We will celebrate modern multi-cultural Britain and the similarities and differences to our local community.

Through the delivery of the curriculum we aim to:

  • improve outcomes for all children, including those that are disadvantaged
  • equip our children with knowledge and enthusiasm to develop their understanding of the world 
  • ensure our children regularly practise what they have learned to commit knowledge to their long term memory
  • allow teachers to work effectively and efficiently a team to support one another to develop and deliver a high quality curriculum

Our teachers will:

  • clearly set out the curriculum every half term, for every year group
  • use knowledge organisers to display key knowledge 
  • use regular, low stakes quizzing to support long term memory 
  • be open to develop their practice through coaching and mentoring
  • involve the community at each step of the journey

Our children will:

  • receive a broad and balanced curriculum
  • develop their knowledge and understanding of the world
  • be provided with opportunities to share what they have learned
  • develop their long term memory to retain key knowledge about a range of subjects

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Long Term Plans

As some pupils are taught in mixed classes, the Curriculum is arranged so that they get their full curriculum entitlement over a two year period. Pupils will follow ‘Route A’ Curriculum in the first year of the cycle and ‘Route B’ in the second year. We are currently on Route B 2019-2020