PGL News – June 2018

PGL FRIDAY 15th JUNE 2018 

Everyone slept well again last night, this year has been the best ever for going to sleep and getting up on time! Everyone is packed and ready for High Ropes, Low Ropes and Fencing before coming home; the children and staff have had a wonderful week. The coach is due at Blacklow Brow at approximately 3.30pm. Parents may collect children directly from the coach but they must inform a member of staff, who will mark the register before they depart.


Everyone slept well last night after playing space hopper football, which was very funny! The disco is tonight, which everyone is looking forward to.

All the children are having a wonderful time.


A fun night of ‘Passport around the World’ had tired all the children out and everyone slept really well. Julia woke up this morning and said “It was the best sleep ever!” and everyone was in agreement.

All the children are really excited for Raft Building this morning, followed by Zip Wire and Archery this afternoon (the boys are really looking forward to that)!


Hello Families,

As promised, here are the children’s comments to you. They are all very happy and having a wonderful time – it was such fun being with all the children and they were buzzing with the excitement of it all. I would also like to let you know that their behaviour is exemplary and they are an absolute credit to you! Mrs Keating


Miss Howarth

It has been lovely to see how much the children’s confidence has grown as they’ve faced new challenges. It has been great to see the children who are not normally together, having fun and getting to know one another.


Mrs Case

Last night was brilliant – the best it has ever been! There has not been any fussing or messing – best group ever so far – they should be very proud of themselves!


Mrs Gregson

I have been impressed with the children’s behaviour and the team work within my group. I would trust Andrew Lacken with my life – he thoroughly looked after me on the sensory trail – he was fabulous. The team work from my group has been brilliant!


Mrs Revell

It is my first time at PGL and I’ve been really impressed once I got over the shock of the size of the dining hall, it’s huge! It’s lovely to see the children in a different environment getting back to nature and adventure (without technology).


Ruby R

I’m really enjoying PGL. I think the food is really nice and I like the way after activities, that we go to our cabins and chill with our friends and play outside. I want my family to know that I’m really enjoying it!



The grounds of PGL are really nice and the beds are really comfy. I like all the activities – they are really fun and safe.  I love sharing a room with Poppie because she is so kind.  Lastly, the food is really good!



I am liking everything here! The activities are really good and my favourite has been the kayaking and I managed to stay mostly dry …apart from my legs.



Basically it is really really fun! The beds are really comfy – I’m with Sienna, Patsy-Ann and Libby.  I’m really happy to be with them. I love all the activities and I love the way we all get together at the end of the day and play games together – it’s really fun!



It has really surprised me as the accommodation is really good and it is beyond my expectations. I’ve really enjoyed all of the activities and that I am having the opportunity to do all these things.



I was nervous before doing the abseiling, but I got the hang of it. We’ve played really fun games in the kayaks such as ‘World Domination’. I was England and I got hit by Japan and the Netherlands!  We also played the ‘Simpsons Game’  – we did five challenges and I fell into the water a lot of times but there are people (Instructors) around to help and you wear a buoyancy aid. It’s fun with my friends!



I really like PGL. I liked the kayaking because when we finished, we got to go into the water and did challenges.  If we wanted to get wet, the instructors would make you do things to make you fall in.



I really like being with my friends and all the groups I’ve been put into. I’m happy because I’m getting on really well with everyone and I like going into each other’s cabins.  The food is really nice once I‘ve tried it.

I was so scared on the abseiling that I felt like crying, but once I started to come down it was a relief and it was fine.



The cabins are really nice and I didn’t expect the food to be dead nice; there is loads of choice and loads of food. I enjoy that when you finish activities, you have time to be with your friends.  My favourite activity so far has been on the kayaks. In the shop you get a choice of sweets!



So far it’s been really good. I’ve enjoyed orienteering and this activity helped us to work together as friends and with other girls.  I like sharing a room with Poppie and Shannon and we have become really friendly.


Harry H

I thought the kayaking was scary as I was getting on to the water, and as soon as I was paddling, I started spinning but as soon as I worked out the strokes usage I was fine in the water and getting faster all the time. We played a game of ‘Evolution’ and Miss Howarth got her own back on me.

I love it here and I love PGL; so far it’s the best ever thing I’ve done with the school and it will only get better. It’s really good and we are always active. I like heights and I am looking forward to abseiling and the giant swing.



I reckon that PGL is the best fun you can have! I like going into other people’s cabins and talking to my friends. I like going to the shop and the best activity so far has been kayaking.



I’m looking forward to the zip wire and giant swing. I’m enjoying myself because it’s fun.  The food is nice and the cabin is nice also. I’m sharing with Lee.



I’m really looking forward to being up high – the Giant Swing. I’m proud of myself for doing the abseiling as I was really nervous – but it was fun.



I’ve liked every day so far and I’m excited about the other activities that we will be doing as well. Dylan’s advice was to have a go at everything, no matter how scared I was – this was very good advice!



I’m really happy here; so far the activities have been fun and challenging. It’s made me more confident doing all these different activities.  On the abseiling, when I was at the top and looked down, it was really scary, but once I started climbing down I enjoyed it.

You are so high, you are in line with the top of the trees. The instructors check all the equipment and then check it again and you know you are really safe! The cabins and food are better than I expected. We’ve got a big room – we are really pleased!!


Jack R

My best experience has been abseiling because it has built up my confidence – all my friends cheered me on, that’s what really gave me confidence. I liked the kayaking because it was a new and good experience – I’ve never been on a kayak before.


Harry J

It’s really good and we are always active. Today we have done kayaking, the sensory trail and abseiling. The food is really nice!



I liked the sensory trail and it was fun doing the kayaking. I like it here!



It’s really fun and I’m happy with the activities. The food is nice and the cabin is good because I’m with my friends.  I’m glad I came!



I’m loving it! The rooms are really nice; I’m with Lottie, Patsy-Ann and Sienna which makes me really happy.  Mum – tell the dog ‘hi’ from me and thank you so much for my case, I’m really relieved it is here!



I really like it here. I think the rooms are really nice.  I really like the way the people who work at PGL are so nice and sing with us.  I think it’s good that we have our own responsibilities, like cleaning our cabins and getting our day bags ready.  I like the way that there is so much enthusiasm from everyone!  I’m happy with my room and I’ve got to know Faye and realised that she is really nice.


Charlie A

It’s amazing; it’s really good fun. The best activity so far has been kayaking and we could learn how to get better at it. I am sharing with my brother and Joe Walkley.


Jamie A

It’s been really good because it is like a hotel …but better as we have got all the activities to do and there is so many instructors around. The food is nice – I had jacket potato for lunch and yesterday  I had sausage and mash, gravy and a donut.  I have also had five apples so far (by Tuesday morning!).


Joe B

The kayaking was really fun – we had to do different challenges. I had to stand on the top of the kayak and mine started to capsize and I had to jump into the water.  I was freezing and shivering but when we got back in for a play it felt warm.



My favourite activity has been abseiling. It was a bit daunting at first but once you started, you realised how fun it was. Doing the kayaking and challenges was fun.  The food is lovely – I’m usually fussy but it is quite nice.  Miss you and love you Mum and Dad, but I am happy!



I think it is an amazing experience because PGL is outside of school but you still learn and work really hard. This morning we kayaked and we had to put in a great effort (like we have to in school).  The food is lovely and I love my room and being with my best friend Ruby.


Ruby C

It’s amazing; everything my older brother and sister said was true! The whole thing has been a brilliant experience – having the opportunity to go on all these activities, it makes me feel grown up to stay in the cabin on our own. We’ve been trying really hard to keep our cabin tidy!



It’s been brilliant. I’m having the best time!  My funniest story is that when I was leaning backwards abseiling, that the instructor gave me a killer wedgy.


James D

It’s been really fun so far and the activities have helped me learn so much. It has been one of the best five days of my life and I definitely want to do it again some time.


Jamie Gi

It’s been brilliant! I like being in the cabin with my friends.  My favourite activities so far have been canoeing and the abseiling because they are really, really, really, exciting!  I want to say thanks to my Mum and Dad for helping me get prepared for the trip and that I hope that you are all having fun while I’m gone.



I’m enjoying PGL! I think the cabins have been good and the abseiling is my favourite activity so far.  I like playing the games between the activities.  I like my hoodie!



I did kayaking this morning and it was really good; I fell in! I really like my room too. When I went up the abseiling tower and looked down, I thought, I’m not doing that …it’s a big drop and I forced myself to do it … and I loved it! I like heights and I am looking forward to the giant swing.

It is the best school trip I’ve ever been on – I absolutely love it!



I am happy because all the activities are fun!

The activities are fun but I don’t like most of the food so far – I’ve just eaten rice, bread, apples and rice crispies … but I am looking forward to the chicken nuggets tonight.



My sister doesn’t know what she missed out on not going to PGL, because although all of the activities look scary, once you do them, you want to do it again! I miss my family but this adventure is fun and brilliant and I am so happy I came!

The PGL Group Leader supporting St Anne’s is called Eve.



“Well, it’s the first time I have ever been Group Leader at PGL (I’ve been an Instructor here previously) and it’s been absolutely wonderful having St Anne’s as my first school! The best group I could have possibly had!”

I am confident that the children are in the very capable hands of the school staff!