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Welcome to St Anne’s Catholic Primary School

Our Mission Statement at St Anne’s encompasses our ethos and values:

“We strive to build good relationships throughout the school community, providing a warm and caring learning environment, in which we work and live as Jesus taught us”

Our vision is to create a dynamic learning environment and to achieve this aim we are actively involved in a number of exciting teaching and learning projects.

We aim to help every child achieve their full potential and offer a broad and balanced curriculum, encouraging and supporting all aspects of the children’s social, emotional, physical and creative abilities as well as academic ones.

In addition, the school offers a wide variety of extra curricular activities. The children have the opportunity to gain credits from all their extra-curricular activities to achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold awards from the Children’s University.

The school enjoys an excellent reputation within the local area and throughout the Local Authority for high standards of education and behaviour.  Our school performance is usually among the best in the Borough of Knowsley. We received a  ‘good’ OfSTED Report in 2016 and also an ‘outstanding’ Religious Education Report in 2016.  This success has been made possible by motivated pupils who are fun to be around; enthusiastic and creative staff; engaged and caring parents; a committed and challenging Governing Body as well as an interested and supportive wider parish community.

PGL 2019 UPDATE 1:

We arrived Monday afternoon to heavy rain, however, it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits!

It’s been full on with activities since the first moment of arrival and the children have had very little time to be still.

Monday afternoon’s activities were the high ropes and trapeze and then an evening of sport after tea.

Lights went out after an impressive room inspection and no-one’s sweets or biscuits needed to be confiscated! Monday night was disturbing (for some staff) which is to be expected, with a few children awake from dawn, however interrupting a game of cards at 5.45 am was a first for me!

Nonetheless, all were up at 7.00 am in time for breakfast and Tuesday’s activities, which were abseiling, survivor, climbing and the sensory trail.

After lunch the children all went raft building and were determined to make sure that Mr Waine got a soaking ….. and he certainly did!

The children want you to know that they are all doing well, getting plenty to eat (including fruit) and send you all lots of love!

Mrs Keating

PGL 2019 UPDATE 2:

Wednesday 19th June 2019

Everyone had a great night’s sleep, and despite the rain, we had another fun filled day of activities – climbing, zipwire, orienteering, sensory trail and kayaking. I drank half of the lake (not on purpose!) after getting tipped in by Talula and Heidi. A water fight ensued involving the whole group as I tried to seek revenge with the support of Matt the kayak instructor. None the less, the children were still the victors!

Thursday 20th June 2019

After another great night’s sleep, we have awoken to glorious sunshine this morning.

We all piled into Hayden’s room at 7.00 am to wake him up as a happy birthday surprise and he opened cards and presents as we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him. Today’s activities are zipwire, orienteering, archery, giant swing and the disco will take place tonight in the ballroom of the mansion house.

Everybody is happy and having a great time.

Mrs Keating


The children had another excellent night’s sleep, after a packed day of activities, followed by a disco (during which we all enjoyed Hayden’s birthday cake).

Our final day had an early start with breakfast at 7.30 am and the children were up for 6.45 am starting to pack.

Today’s activities are the trapeze, fencing, abseiling and survivor.

We will depart after lunch and should arrive back to school between 3.00 and 3.30 pm; The coach will park on Tarbock Road outside Blacklow Brow.

Mrs Bannister, Mrs McCrystal and Mr Skelhorn will be there to greet the coach. The children may be collected directly from the coach, but please inform a member of staff, who will mark the register before they depart.

The children (and staff) have been absolutely fabulous and I would not have missed this brilliant fun filled week for anything!

The children have been truly amazing and are a real credit to their families, their teachers and themselves.

I know they are really looking forward to seeing you all and enjoying some home comforts once again.


The activities and the staff have been really good. The giant swing has been my favourite activity because it was really scary.

The giant swing is my favourite activity because it was scary and I didn’t think that I would be able to do anything like it.

Katie P
The giant swing has probably been my favourite so far as it was exciting and fun. I’ve really enjoyed PGL as it’s made me do things that I never thought that I would do.

I have enjoyed all of the activities. The food is nice and healthy. The staff are really nice and I have enjoyed spending time in the cabins.

I am having lots of fun and I have really enjoyed the water activities. I am having a ball! I recorded 28000 steps on Tuesday.

Kayaking – my advice is… don’t row into a bush, leave them alone as you might get stuck!

Ava P
Doing things like this has been amazing! I have enjoyed trying abseiling, rock climbing and kayaking the best!

Katie E
I am having a good time. I enjoy the afternoon activities the most and the instructors don’t force you to do anything that you don’t want to do.

PGL has been the funnest thing to do ever, and we’ve been able to face our fears and share our warming hugs.

I have really enjoyed it and I think the instructors are really good. They don’t push you to do something if you don’t want to.

The high ropes have been my favourite so far. All of the activities have been amazing.

The raft building was hilarious. Seeing people fall in and it was also challenging trying to get people back out of the water.

I have enjoyed PGL so far and my favourite activity was raft building. I also like the rooms and enjoy sharing with Patrick, Dom and Tom. I am also looking forward to the giant swing.

I like the zipwire the best and the high ropes.

I like the zipwire, the high ropes and the abseiling as it’s the first time I’ve done something like this. And… I had a very good water fight with my Head teacher!

PGL is so good! I have enjoyed doing really fun activities. There’s a really massive mansion where we are having the disco. My favourite activity is the zipline.

The climbing wall was really fun and the food is really nice. Passports from around the world was really good. The beds were really comfy.

PGL is good and sometimes you do miss home, but it is really good. I am looking forward to archery.

Grace W
I love that all of the PGL staff are so supportive. My favourite activities are zipwire and abeailing. I am looking forward to the giant swing.

I love the zipwire and the kayaking – it was so fun. I got splashed and fell in! I am looking forward to the giant swing.

I have loved every minute of PGL and wish I could stay longer but I miss my family. My friends have made me cheerful for my birthday today. I am really excited for the gaint swing. I wish more people can enjoy PGL in the future.

I like all of the activities – they are really fun. I would recommend to many others!

I really like PGL. The water activities have been the best. Simon from Germany was really nice because he let us go in the water during raft building. My favourite part was when I pushed Mrs Keating into the bushes using my kayak and later pushed her into the lake!

I really like PGL and loved the high ropes and I can’t wait for the giant swing.

Ava W
I really like PGL and I really liked doing the zipwire – it was so much fun.

I am really enjoying PGL and from the activities we have done so far, I have enjoyed the zipwire the most.

Grace C
I would really recommend the trapeze and even though I was really scared, I was really happy afterwards that I did it.

I have enjoyed the trapieze and the zipwire. Being in PGL has made me do things that I would have never been able to do.

I enjoyed going on the zipwire because it helped me face my fear of heights.

I liked the zipwire a lot, even thought it was nerve wracking before getting on; it was exciting!

I think it’s really good at PGL. The kids going into Year 6 should look forward to it. I have enjoyed the abseiling the most.

PGL has been a fun experience. The activities have been so fun and the staff have been nice. So far, my favourite activity has been archery. The giant swing is one of the best experiences at PGL – when you get to the ‘max’ level you get a view of the countryside for miles and miles.

It’s been really good. We have all taken part in activities and everyone has joined in. In our spare time, we find way to have fun like playing football.

It’s really enjoyable and especially for us children as we get to experience activities that older people usually do.

I have really enjoyed PGL. The range of activities are amazing and also the staff are super friendly, which has made it really enjoyable.

The PGL staff are really nice and we have loads of fun doing all of the activities.

I have liked the food. The giant swing was good because it was scary. The disco was fun too!

All of the activities have been really good and I’ve enjoyed them. The food has been really good – I’ve had plenty!

All of the activities and all the staff have been very nice. I really like the food!

Patrick G
Kayaking has been my favourite thing at PGL.


We all surprised Hayden with a cake after tea and the whole canteen joined in singing Happy Birthday


At the Mansion House for the Disco on Thursday night

Ready for Home

We have achieved GOLD award as part of the Liverpool Counts Maths Quality Mark

We have achieved GOLD award as part of the Liverpool Counts Maths Quality Mark. Led by Mrs Bannister, our Mathematics co-ordinator, the project has included a range of training and activities for teachers and pupils to engage with Maths and Numeracy on a much wider scale beyond the Mathematics lessons. It explored an understanding of how Mathematics and Numeracy apply in the wider world and how we use it in daily life.

We’ve enjoyed a range of creative and exciting enrichments in school, from weekly puzzle challenges, inviting parents in to talk about maths in their world of work, pupil and parent workshops and enrichment days, such as the Pi day in February and cross-curricular Maths trails between different classes.

The team who visited school to assess our standards towards the quality mark, were very impressed with our evidence and the time given to ensure Maths has a priority across the school in all year groups.

It has been a fantastic way to further enhance opportunities for our pupils and raise the profile of such an important subject.

We have achieved GOLD award as part of the Liverpool Reading Quality Mark


For full details see of the assessors visit to St. Anne’s please check the ‘Reading’ section, we are thrilled with the results and know that this will continue to improve the reading experiences for our children.

See the link below for our full report as a proud ‘Gold’ school for Reading Quality Mark  St Annes