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Pupil Premium Message

Pupil Premium Team: Mr Anderson/Miss Barton
Pupil Premium Governor: Mrs Burrows

We work hard to ensure that every child receives the support they require.

  • Each class keeps a log of the interventions and support provided to pupils
  • Some support is individual and some for groups is more universal
  • Each intervention is thought out carefully and the outcomes noted and analysed

The EEF guide to Pupil Premium ( highlights that a tiered approach to Pupil Premium spending helps and at St Anne’s Catholic Primary School we have adopted this approach. Over the years we invested in extra class teacher support for pupils in an aim to raise the attainment of the pupils who need additional support. Effective feedback and intervention from class teachers is invaluable. We have also invested in targeted academic support and continue to prioritise ways to break down non- academic barriers.

Below is an outline of the areas of expenditure of the Pupil Premium Allocation:

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