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School Council

“Somewhere inside of all of us is the power to change the world.” Roald Dahl  

At St. Anne’s the School Council play a very important role. Representatives from Year Two and from each class in Key Stage Two meet regularly with staff to discuss issues raised by their peers and also to discuss important whole school issues.

Year Six Representatives – 
“We are the School Council representatives for Year Six. In School Council we discuss what changes we could make to the school. We got chosen by our classmates in a vote. We enjoy doing this a lot. We try to follow the school Mission Statement ‘Living and working as Jesus taught us’ ‘”.

Year Five Representatives –
“The qualities for a School Council representative are: happy, helpful, kind, lively and lots of votes”.

Year Four Representatives –
“To get in to the School Council you have to get voted. In School Council we have meetings and discuss things. School Council is fun.”

Year Three Representatives –
“We are on the School Council because we got the most votes. Our job is to call the School Council in for meetings”.

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