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Everyday Maths

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Some examples of Everyday Maths across our school

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Birthday graph

Our birthday graph in the Dragonflies Class. We created this together is September and answered the different questions around the outside.

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Telling the Time hunt

The children took part in a Telling the Time hunt. They had to find the signs around the school, read the time and find the corresponding clock on their answer sheet. With each answer the children also collected letters revealing a secret message at the end!

Number of the day

Everyday Maths Notice board

Visual timetable

Everyday Maths Notice board

Year 6’s Maths adventure!

Year six toured the school to find all things Maths-this is what they came up with! Can you find any more?

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Year 4’s estimation station!

A new challenge is set every week, we have to think carefully about measures and try to estimate how full (or empty) each container is! Have a go.

Number problem of the day

Year 4 again…can you solve our number problem of the day??

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