Quidditch 2018 Tournament Team

On Friday 9th November some St Anne’s pupils from Year 6 and 6/5 went to a Quidditch tournament at Liverpool Hope University. Quidditch – a sport from the Harry Potter books/movies- is a tough sport with lots of rules. Luckily, the kind people from Enrich education explained the rules and when they said that we would be running not flying many people broke into tears, they didn’t- I’m exaggerating.

The rules are: there are three hoops and only chasers can score; those goals are worth 10 points; the seeker can handle the quaffle (the main ball) but they cannot score; the snitch – a human running around- comes on to the pitch when there is one minute left- the game lasts 5 minutes; if the snitch is caught by the seeker- no one else- only the seeker, the game is over and the team who caught the snitch gets 30 points; the teams are 3 chasers, 1 seeker, 2 beaters and 1 keeper; the keeper’s role is the same as the chasers’ but he has an extra responsibility – defending the goal; the beaters have other balls called bludgers which they can throw and if they hit an opponent the other player has to drop his/her ball and go and touch his/her goalpost.

Now for how we did in the tournament.

In the first game, we went 20-0 down but Tim caught the snitch and we won 30-20. In the second game, we caught the snitch again and we won 40-20 but in the third game we lost 70-40. We blamed it on BBC Merseyside because their presenter (who was there reporting what happened) was the snitch and he fell over straight away. We all thought that we were out, but when they announced who was through, one of the 4 teams who got through was us. We got through on points difference. However, we had to play St Aloysius – the team who in football tournaments had defeated us 4-0 and 5-0. We knew it would be tough but, in the end, it was far too tough as they were first to everything and they won about 100-0. Yes, sadly that wasn’t a typo. That score is true.

We did well but we didn’t do well enough to win, despite this everyone had a great day!