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Cross Country Championships 2019

Well done to our fantastic Cross Country team. Amazing performance, dedication and team spirit was shown by all.

A huge congratulations to Isla Clayton for third place in the Y4/5 Girls Race and Tomas Moran for seventh place in the Y6 Boys Race.

Heidi Lee and Jack Dwyer placed in the top 20 for their races.

Quidditch 2018 Tournament Team

On Friday 9th November some St Anne’s pupils from Year 6 and 6/5 went to a Quidditch tournament at Liverpool Hope University. Quidditch – a sport from the Harry Potter books/movies- is a tough sport with lots of rules. Luckily, the kind people from Enrich education explained the rules and when they said that we would be running not flying many people broke into tears, they didn’t- I’m exaggerating.

The rules are: there are three hoops and only chasers can score; those goals are worth 10 points; the seeker can handle the quaffle (the main ball) but they cannot score; the snitch – a human running around- comes on to the pitch when there is one minute left- the game lasts 5 minutes; if the snitch is caught by the seeker- no one else- only the seeker, the game is over and the team who caught the snitch gets 30 points; the teams are 3 chasers, 1 seeker, 2 beaters and 1 keeper; the keeper’s role is the same as the chasers’ but he has an extra responsibility – defending the goal; the beaters have other balls called bludgers which they can throw and if they hit an opponent the other player has to drop his/her ball and go and touch his/her goalpost.

Now for how we did in the tournament.

In the first game, we went 20-0 down but Tim caught the snitch and we won 30-20. In the second game, we caught the snitch again and we won 40-20 but in the third game we lost 70-40. We blamed it on BBC Merseyside because their presenter (who was there reporting what happened) was the snitch and he fell over straight away. We all thought that we were out, but when they announced who was through, one of the 4 teams who got through was us. We got through on points difference. However, we had to play St Aloysius – the team who in football tournaments had defeated us 4-0 and 5-0. We knew it would be tough but, in the end, it was far too tough as they were first to everything and they won about 100-0. Yes, sadly that wasn’t a typo. That score is true.

We did well but we didn’t do well enough to win, despite this everyone had a great day!


Kin Ball

Staff took part in Kin Ball CPD during the INSET day. They had so much fun and can not wait to share this exciting new game with all of the children.

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On Thursday 11th October the St Anne’s cross-country team went to St Edmund Arrowsmith high school to compete in the first race in the cross-country season. The girl’s race was the first of two races, the boy’s race was second. It was not as muddy as last year but it was raining and was still tough running conditions. A whistle was blown and the girls were off! The race was very exciting and amazing to watch but sadly the winner wasn’t a St Anne’s pupil. We did, however, get a medal with Ava Walkley coming 5th with a great sprint at the death. She wasn’t the only one with a good spot at the top because all the girls did well. The boy’s race was next. The race was, once again, started with a whistle and the boys hustled and bustled for a good position at the start of the race. as I got into the middle of the race I started to overtake a lot of people and I finished 7th. Braden finished in 16th position with Tomir and Daniel finishing in the 50s and Peter finishing in the 20s. I think we did very well in the races and we all hope we do as well or better in next week’s race. The people who went to this race were: Tomas, Tomir, Braden, Daniel, Ava, Heidi, Grace, Peter and Katie.

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Football Tournament Report

On Wednesday 10th October 2018 the Year 6 football team played in the Knowsley Football Schools League in Lord Derby Academy. Our first game was against Blacklow Brow. The game, which was mostly played in our half, was dominated by Blacklow but we held on for a 0-0 draw. The second game, against St Margaret Mary’s, was very similar but once again neither side broke the deadlock. In the third game against St Aloysius we became tired and they controlled the game and sadly won 4-0. We played better and got better results than the last tournament and cannot wait to carry on those improvements next time. The players who went to this tournament were: Sean, Tomas, Christopher, Ben, Patrick, Jack, Ava P, Ava W and Peter. The team will be looking forward to the next tournament.

Knowsley Virtual Speed Bounce Competition 2018

2173 children , from across 15 schools in Knowsley, took part in this years – Virtual Speed Bounce Competition. We are delighted to see so many of our children in the top 3 for their year group:

Year 1 Harry Skinley – 2nd Place
Year 2 Harry Woods – 1st Place
Year 4 Darcie Heffey – 1st Place
Year 5 Jack Egan – 3rd Place

Congratulations to all of you!

Knowsley Cross Country Championships 2018

We are delighted with the children’s effort and progress in this competition this year.

Our Year 4/5 Boys team came 2nd overall, well done to:

Tomas Moran, Sean Preston, Peter Dempsey, Joseph D’Arcy Lang, Bobby Barton, Hayden Jones,  David Winstanley, Braedan Williams, Bramdon Donaghey, Luis Hughes and Joshua.

Our Year 4/5 Girls team came 1st overall, well done to:

Ava Walkley, Heidi Lee, Ava Pryor, Katie Evans, Grace Wray, Isla Clayton and Sofia Jarauta.

A great effort from the Year 6 team: Mia Ainsworth, Eleanor Parry, Ellie Jo Smith, Harry Higgins, James Dineley and congratulations to  Vincent Moore, who  achieved 4th place.

This is a momentous achievement for our school, as a result of the Mile a Day initiative, children have developed their long distance running skills.

We are very proud of you all!

Knowsley Large School Football Tournament Finals

Congratulations to: Jamie Astbury, Charlie Astbury, Jamie Gillespie, James Dineley. Ethan Porter, Harry Jensen, Jamie Gornell, Charlie Humphreys, Joe Walkley, Patsy Ann Russell  and Joe Bate, who reached the finals of this on-going tournament. Missing out only on goal difference, the boys represented the school with great maturity, teamwork and determination. They were highlighted by the organisers as the most improved team in the competition and their attitude was commended.

Cross Country Championships 2018

Amazing effort and team spirit at today’s Knowsley Cross Country Championship. Y4, Y5 and Y6 teams all performed brilliantly. Vincent and Sofia were medal winners in 4th place. Lots of children placing in the top 20.

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Football Team

Merseyside Winter School Games Gymnastics Finals 

Well done to the Year 3/4 Gymnastics Team who represented Knowsley in the Merseyside Winter School Games Gymmnastics Finals on Monday 23rd March 2015. The competition was very tough and they came 3rd out of 28 schools. Congratulations on this fantastic result, we are so proud of you all. Congratulations and thanks also to team coach Mrs Wilson. Well done everybody!


Knowsley Cross Country Championships

Well Done to all of the children who represented St Anne’s at the Knowsley Cross Country Championships on Thursday 19th March.