Year 6 PGL Trip 2017

Monday’s news:

The children settled in quickly to both their rooms and their activity day groups. Their first evening meal was received well with everyone finding something to eat. The children  enjoyed the evening game of Passport and were all in bed for lights out at 9.30pm. A few couldn’t settle, which is always expected on the first night – some were awake at 4.30am and were soon put back to bed!

Tired faces enjoyed their breakfast and are so excited for their first activities which are giant swing, challenge course and zip wire. There are a few changes to the timetable as we have swapped aeroball for trapeze.

Our groupie is called Rory and the children like him.

Tuesday’s news:

The Big Birthday Water Fight Day!

The highlight of the day according to the children was the water fight after dinner which not only cooled everyone down but was great fun – not many escaped a soaking!

The day began with breakfast at 7.00am so it was an early wake up call at 6.30am. Some children had been awake for a few hours (they’ll sleep tonight!).

The 3 groups experienced a range of high adrenaline activities with giant swing (by far a favourite), trapeze and zip wire. Challenge course and low ropes provided calmer experiences.

It was such a hot sunny day so we made sure that sun cream was applied often, together with wearing caps and sunglasses. Much needed water breaks were frequent and many children chose to spend their tuck money on ice pops.

After a birthday dinner for James consisting of fish fingers and chips he was presented with a birthday cake and a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’. On returning to the cabins, Rory (our groupie) arranged a school water fight which was as noisy as it was cooling. Lots of the children said this was a highlight of the day!

After the room inspections and lights out at 9.30pm the children were so exhausted that we heard hardly a peep from them until they all had to be woken up at 6.30am for another early breakfast.

They are all having a wonderful time and have been a delight to be with.


Wednesday’s news:

Wednesday – Water fun raft building day! The day began after an early breakfast of 7.15am with a range of activities including fencing, Jacob’s ladder and abseiling. Many children overcoming their fears and having a go. We have some great photos to show how proud they are overcoming some of those fears.

Now to the highlight of Wednesday! As usual we started off with checking the children’s contents of their ‘dry bag’. Despite being told numerous times of what to put into it and having a helpful poster on the cabin wall we had 21 visits back to rooms to retrieve forgotten items. This day will be known as The Dry Bag Saga Day!

Thursday’s News:

Everybody is having a wonderful time. These are the comments from the children about their time at PGL:


PGL had been fantastic because I’ve been with my mates. I’ve had go at everything and loved the canoes and giant swing. Would like to stay a few more days but looking forward to going home.


I’ve amazed myself with what I have achieved and can’t wait to tell my family all about it on Friday – I’m keeping it secret until then.


It’s been the highlight of Year 6. I have faced many fears and overcome them. I was so proud of myself for doing abseil even though at first I didn’t want to do it.


I’ve really loved being at PGL. I’ve tried everything – I regret not going higher on giant swing even though Miss told me. Rory, our groupie has been so helpful. Looking forward to going home and telling my family about my packing.


PGL is amazing and I’ve done things I never thought I’d do such as the giant swing. My favourite part was the raft building because it involved team work.


Lots of the experiences seem scary but they’ve been fun. I have really enjoyed being here and my favourite was zip wire.


When you look at the activities they seem very scary but once you have a go you want to do them again and again. The giant swing was amazing.


Great activities – I’ve found everything enjoyable especially being with my friends. Sharing the cabin was brilliant.


It’s been better than I could have imagined. I’ve tried nearly everything (I wish I’d have done the zip wire now). My favourite activity was the abseiling as U was proud of myself for doing it even though I was scared.


My PGL experience has been all I thought it would be with the giant swing being my favourite. Raft building and canoeing were fab because we had such fun getting soaked.


Not stop fun all day everyday. My favourite was the giant swing because it made your stomach drop when you released the cord. Another highlight was spending so much time with friends and playing a lot of football.


The whole experience has made me closer to my friends. Loved sharing a cabin with them. My favourite activities have been raft building and the heart racing giant swing.


I’ve enjoyed sharing a cabin with my friends. I liked the giant swing because it was great fun. I’ve loved every minute.


Enjoyed all the activities because they’ve been such fun. My favourite was abseiling, I’ve never done it before, but Would love to do again.


It was exciting. The rooms have been quite good. The nerve racking giant swing was great.


I feel so much more confident with myself as I used to be afraid of heights but here I know that it is safe because of all the equipment.


I have had an extraordinary experience. The giant swing was my favourite together with raft building as the instructors make it such good fun.


I’ve made close friends that I’ve not normally talked to before. I enjoyed Jacobs ladder and the zip wire. It’s been a great experience.

Charlotte M

Exciting times at PGL. My favourite part was giant swing and raft building. Spending time together has been brilliant.


I have enjoyed PGL. I’ve found the activities so exciting even though I was scared.


I have become closer to friends and everyone. The activities have been such fun and I know to trust them. I’ve enjoyed the food.


Better than I thought. It’s great being with mates. Best activity by far was the raft building as it was just like The Titanic.


Most amazing experiences as beyond my expectations. Giant swing was my favourite. Loved every moment.


I have had a fabulous experience and have done better than my brother. Being with friends has been wonderful and my favourite has been giant swing and zip wire.


Best experience of my life. It has been fun spending my birthday here. I have loved playing football at every opportunity.

Lucy P

Amazing time as I have loved the challenges. It’s gone so quick – I’d like to do it again.


I have overcome so many fears like the giant swing. I’ve realised how safe it is. I’ve enjoyed all my time at PGL doing stuff that I can’t do at home or school.


I have been nervous doing some of the activities but felt so proud of myself when I completed them. Favourite one was the zip wire because it went so fast that I felt like I was flying.


I really hate heights but have overcome some of the fear when I did giant swing. I wish I could do some again to see if I could go further. The week has gone so fast – I have loved being with my friends.


Really enjoyed it even the giant swing when I thought I was going die, would do it all again.


It has been great fun I have loved every minute


I have got closer with my friends. The activities have been really good.  It expanded my confidence.  I met a new friend call Duck.  Hope to see him again.

Lucy W

PGL has been such fun I fully recommend it and would love to do it all again.


Don’t hold back, do everything. PGL has been a once in a lifetime experience.


I have had a lovely time at PGL. The Giant Swing has been my favourite.