Welcome to the Bumble Bee’s class page!

Welcome to the Bumble Bees class page, here you’ll find lots of photos and information that tell you all about what we have been learning in school.

We hope you enjoy it!

How to help your child improve as a writer

How to help your child with writing, KS

Suggested Reading, Year 1


One Billion maths project

Bumblebees have enjoyed their first week of the One Billion maths project.

World Maths Day

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Camp fire

Key Stage 1 children enjoying the school grounds and hunting for sticks to make a lunchtime camp fire!



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Rocky Road Cakes

Rocky Road JH

Science Week!

This week was Science week. In KS1 we carried out lots of science activities and experiments. Here is what we got up to!

Here is a video of our Coke and Mentos geysers!

World Book Day

On Friday 4th March, our school celebrated World Book Day!

In KS1 our theme was fairy tales and we all came in dressed as our favourite fairy tale character (even the teachers).

We had a wonderful day filled with a scavenger hunt, a book quiz, book reviews and lots of reading listening to stories!

We were very lucky to have a special visitor to help us celebrate World Book Day. Actor, Philip McGuinness came in to read to us. We listened to him read the story of Rumpelstiltskin. We really enjoyed listening to Philip read to us; he did lots of funny voices, which made us giggle and he read with lots of fluency and expression. This is something we are practising when we read our own stories.

Here we are in our wonderful costumes and listening to Philip’s storytelling.

Our Class Elf

On Tuesday 1st December, a very special visitor appeared in our classroom. His name is Tinsel. He has been sent by Father Christmas to help us to celebrate Christmas but also to keep an extra close eye on us. He reminded us that Christmas is a time to celebrate Jesus’ birthday and we can give Jesus gifts by being kind to others.

Each night Tinsel reports back to Father Christmas about how we have been behaving and arrives each morning in a new place doing something exciting.

On Wednesday morning, we found him making a snow angel and on Thursday he was toasting marshmallows.

Conservation Day

Today in Key Stage 1 we held our very own Conservation day. We learnt that the word Conservation means to protect things found in nature. It means to look after the Earth and keep the environment clean and healthy.  Throughout the day we took part in 3 activities.

1. Bug Hotel – With Mrs Henesy we made a Bug Hotel. We used the recycling items that we had brought in to school and lots of natural materials to decorate and furnish the hotel beautifully. You can see the hotel outside the Bumblebee Classroom. Some insects have already moved in!

2. Water Conservation – With Mrs Peters we learnt all about the importance of water. We learnt that children in poor countries don’t have access to running water from a tap like we do. They have to walk for miles to collect their water in buckets and carry it back again. We had a go at carrying a bucket full of water – it was really heavy! We also learnt that it is important not to waste water for example a shower uses less water than a bath and while we are cleaning our teeth we should turn the tap off.

3. Bird feeders – With Miss Frodsham we made bird feeders. We used lard and seeds to make the feeders. It was really messy but we had lots of fun! At the end of the day the teachers put them up around the school. Keep your eyes open for all the birds!

We really enjoyed our Conservation day and have learnt lots of ways to look after the Earth’s environment and animals.