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This year we are using Seesaw to share and communicate with families! Your child will post to Seesaw to share their learning. I’ll also use Seesaw to send you messages and reminders. Seesaw is private; you’ll only see posts created by your child.

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Things that we love in our class:

    • our friends
    • being kind
    • reading
    • using technology to help our learning
    • writing
    • maths

World Maths Day

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Camp fire

Key Stage 1 children enjoying the school grounds and hunting for sticks to make a lunchtime camp fire!

Mathletes of the Week

Since children in Year 2 have received their log-ins to Mathletics they have been working so hard. We are so proud of all that hey have achieved especially those children who have been Mathletes of the Week, well done to Niall and Grace.

Secret Agent Training Revision

Many parents asked how they could continue to help and support the children as they prepare for the end of KS1. Linked below is a website which holds details of the past SATs papers, which were changed in 2016 to reflect the new curriculum.


If you require any further assistance please come and see me.


KS1 Route B Long Term Plan 2015 – 2016 (2)

Long term plan B KS1

Curriculum Letters

Ladybirds Curriculum Letter – Autumn (2) 2017

Ladybirds Curriculum Letter – Autumn (1) 2017

Ladybirds Curriculum Letter – Spring 2017

Assessment Information

Teacher Assessment Frameworks

KS1 SATs Parent information

Suggested Reading

Suggested Reading

Visit to Knowsley Safari Park

World Book Day, The Jolly Postman


Tinsel our Scout Elf left us some backgrounds and props to take ‘Eflies’ with, we hope you like the results.

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Penguin Wanted Posters

In English we have been reading the wonderful story ‘Lost and Found’ by the author Oliver Jeffers. After sharing the story, we discussed how the boy must have felt when the penguin went missing and decided it would be a wonderful idea to create wanted posters to help him find the penguin. As a class we created our very own wanted posters, pleading for people to look out for the penguin. We did a fantastic job. Take a look at some of our fantastic examples of work…

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We Remember, 11.11.16

Along with people all over the country, as a school we took time to reflect on Remembrance Day. Following Year 3’s fantastic assembly, we thought more about why we wear poppies and shared the poem, ‘In Flanders Fields,’ by John McCrae. Here is the poppies we made to remind us of this special day.





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Autumn Welly Walk

Today we enjoyed a wonderful autumn welly walk around our beautiful grounds. We had so much fun finding lots of signs of autumn. We also collected a selection of beautiful fallen leaves, which we then used to create leaf rubbings back in class. We look forward to seeing how our school grounds change as we move through the seasons!


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A Mystery Box on the Playground…

On Monday morning something very strange was happening on St. Anne’s playground, a mysterious box had appeared which was delivered for the children of St. Anne’s but from a mystery person/being? This week all of the classes will be investigating further, in Ladybirds we think it might be connected to our work on Jack and the Baked Beanstalk.

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Belonging, Explore

As part of our work in RE we were thinking about what it means to ‘Belong’ to different groups. We thought about how we know that we belong to Ladybirds, School, Families and our Parish Community. Recently in Year 5 there has been a new addition to our school community, Smudge the Rabbit. The children worked to make sure that Smudge felt welcomed by the children of St. Anne’s also children produced a piece of art with symbols of Ladybirds and our school.


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Geography Field Trip, Where does our Food come from?

Today we went on a field trip to Huyton Village. We were given a shopping list of different foods we needed to buy. We looked at our list carefully. Then we looked at the front of the different shops along the street. We looked at their names and the displays in the windows. We looked for clues to help us decide which shops we would need to visit for the items on our list.

Then in groups we went into the shop to buy the item that we needed. We had to think about where we might find the item. Would it be in a fridge or freezer? Would it be on a shelf? What might it be near? When we found the item we were looking for, we had to take it to the till and pay for it. There were lots of different shops in the village and we talked about how some shops sell fresh food, some sell frozen food and some sell fast food. Finally we looked for any clues on the packaging that might tell us where the food came from.

We had a lovely day and now we can help our parents or grandparents do their shopping too!

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Books for Breakfast- September 2016

As a way of welcoming the children and families Ladybirds held a Books for Breakfast, designed to encourage the children to have time to read with their families and peers. Thank you to the many families who were able to attend.

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