Year 6

Welcome to Yr 6

Meet the teacher

Miss Hodgkiss, Mrs Reale-Smith and Mrs Bannister

Teaching Assistants:
Mrs Guinness, Mrs Lee & Mrs Gregson

Grammar Glossary for parents

English Glossary

Year 6 Maths Genius Resources

Maths Sats


The day a T Rex came to St Anne’s

Science – Adaptation

Investigating which wing shape and beak would help a bird to survive.

Using Text Marking to find features of a good newspaper article  – Macbeth

Mr Shields came to visit us to talk about his job as a Police Officer

Creating scenes from Macbeth to help develop Oxymoron.


Examples of our Oxymoron:

Macbeth Soliloquy

Taking our forgiveness outside into the Reflective Area to discuss